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Lessons from the 2019 Season

Competitive sport is about pushing yourself to see what you can achieve. I set myself tough goals for 2019, and having not met them I finished the season feeling disappointed in myself. With no racing to occupy me at the moment due to Coronavirus I thought I'd reflect on the 2019 season and revaluate it with a more positive mindset.

British Cycling Masters National Track Cycling Championships 2019 Report

I had lots of work related stress coming into this championships so I put no pressure on myself to perform. I just tried to enjoy the racing and that paid off with a new best performance in the points race.

The Joy and Pain of the Team Pursuit

The team pursuit is my favourite track event, nothing matches the excitement that comes from travelling at such high speeds inches from the wheel. When it goes well it feels like being part of the perfect cycling machine.

UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships 2016 Report

I did not have the best build up to the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships 2016. A week of diarrhoea and stomach cramps isn't what you want as you try and build form for a major event. It proved to be a week of highs and lows.

Bont Vaypor Plus Review

Bont seem to be the Marmite of cycling shoes. They have a distinct design philosophy and promise customisable fit through heat mouldable carbon construction. This is a report on my experiences with their top end road shoe.

Garmin Edge 510 for Power Meters Review

There are numerous reviews of the 510 but they do not really cover using it with a power meter, and an SRM in particular. Recent firmware updates have addressed the ability to stop auto zero offset and have added some really useful metrics that are incredibly useful in training.

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