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Using Fragments For Components With Gatsby And Kontent

The use of GraphQL in Gatsby brings many advantages, but it can lead to duplication of query fields across pages and templates. This is a quick guide on a pattern for using fragments inside your React components to avoid duplication.

How To Render Rich Text Content From Kentico Kontent In Gatsby

This is a quick start guide explaining how you render rich text content from Kentico Kontent in Gatsby. All of the information on how to do this is available via the Gatsby Kontent Components GitHub page, but you have to dive into the linked article by Richard Shackleton and piece everything together.

What's new in the Kentico Kontent Delivery .NET SDK 13.0.1

I started using the Kentico Kontent Delivery .NET SDK in March 2020 with version 12.0.3. Since then a new major version has been release, 13.0.1, which includes a host of improvements in architecture and usage, so I thought it was worth providing an overview of what's changed.

How To Render Different Output for Rich Text in Kentico Kontent using the Delivery .NET SDK

Kentico Kontent rich text data can be handled in two different ways using the Delivery .NET SDK. This article briefly outlines the types of rich text and then looks at how you can render different output.

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