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Constrained Open Generics and Dependency Injection

Jimmy Bogard, author of those stalwart NuGet packages Automapper and MediatR, recently blogged about an upcoming change that he championed in the behaviour of the .NET Core Dependency Injection container. The change related to constrained open generics, a pattern that I had not even considered, which opens up some interesting possibilities.

C# Tuples as Syntactic Sugar for Multiple Variable Assignment

I came across an interesting pattern for using Tuples in an article by Mads Torgersen on C# 9.0. At first I thought it must be something new in 9.0, but a little digging and actually engaging my brain made me realise it has been possible since C# 7.0 and the introduction of Tuples. It isn't something I've seen anybody else use so I thought it would be worth writing about.

How to continuously deploy NuGet packages with Azure DevOps and GitVersion

After getting bored with manually bumping version numbers and running PowerShell scripts to deploy NuGet packages, I started to look for resources on how to automate this process with Azure DevOps. This article provides some useful resources and a simple how to guide with a working code demo on GitHub

What's new in the Kentico Kontent Delivery .NET SDK 13.0.1

I started using the Kentico Kontent Delivery .NET SDK in March 2020 with version 12.0.3. Since then a new major version has been release, 13.0.1, which includes a host of improvements in architecture and usage, so I thought it was worth providing an overview of what's changed.

How To Render Different Output for Rich Text in Kentico Kontent using the Delivery .NET SDK

Kentico Kontent rich text data can be handled in two different ways using the Delivery .NET SDK. This article briefly outlines the types of rich text and then looks at how you can render different output.

Command Query Separation with ASP.NET MVC

I have been struggling for some time to find an application architecture for ASP.NET MVC that both respects SOLID principles and is also quick and simple to use. Is the command query pattern the answer?


For quick projects I wanted a lightweight persistence solution that had no reliance on a relational database. There are options out there but I wanted something even quicker so I created SimpleDatastore. It uses attributes on domain entities to control persistence and stores the data in XML or JSON files.

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