Rob West

Hello, I am an experienced web development team leader and solution architect based in Oxford, UK. I studied philosophy to postgraduate level at the University of Oxford (specialising in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science) and intended to be an academic philosopher until the lure of web technology proved too hard to resist. I am currently Head of Technology at Ridgeway. I am a competitive cyclist riding for AeroCoach in time trials and on the track. I am Masters European Champion in the individual pursuit and points race, and UCI World Masters Silver medallist in the individual pursuit. I am the current British Masters 40-44 age group record holder for the individual pursuit. Hoping to wear 🌈 someday.

How To Render Rich Text Content From Kentico Kontent In Gatsby

This is a quick start guide explaining how you render rich text content from Kentico Kontent in Gatsby. All of the information on how to do this is available via the Gatsby Kontent Components GitHub page, but you have to dive into the linked article by Richard Shackleton and piece everything together, so I thought it would be worthwhile to set out a complete working example.

C# Tuples as Syntactic Sugar for Multiple Variable Assignment

I came across an interesting pattern for using Tuples in an article by Mads Torgersen on C# 9.0. At first I thought it must be something new in 9.0, but a little digging and actually engaging my brain made me realise it has been possible since C# 7.0 and the introduction of Tuples. It isn't something I've seen anybody else use so I thought it would be worth writing about.

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