Hello, I am a web technologist based in Oxford, UK. I am the Technical Director for Jaywing. I studied philosophy to postgraduate level (philosophy of mind and cognitive science in particular) and intended to be an academic philosopher until the lure of web technology proved too hard to resist. I am a competitive cyclist riding for AeroCoach in time trials and on the track. I am Masters European Champion in the individual pursuit and the points race. I am a former UCI World Masters Silver medallist and British Masters Champion in the individual pursuit. Hoping to wear the rainbow stripes someday.


For quick projects I wanted a lightweight persistence solution that had no reliance on a relational database. There are options out there like RavenDB but I wanted something even quicker so I created SimpleDatastore. It uses attributes on domain entities to control persistence and stores the data in XML file and is available on NuGet.

The Joy and Pain of the Team Pursuit

The team pursuit is my favourite track event, nothing matches the excitement that comes from travelling at such high speeds inches from the wheel. When it goes well it feels like being part of the perfect cycling machine.

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E-mail: rob {at} robwest.info

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