Rob West

Hello, I am an experienced software engineering leader and brain-based coach based in Oxford, UK. I run Double Loop Coaching with my wife, Melissa. I studied philosophy and psychology to postgraduate level at the University of Oxford and those fields now influence and guide my coaching practice. Modern neuroscience tells us that we are primarily energy systems, not thinking systems, and that emotions and feelings underpin all behaviour. I use evidence-based mindfulness techniques to help my clients direct this energy so that they can achieve their goals. I am a competitive cyclist in time trials and on the track riding for Team Ohten Aveas. I am a former British Masters Champion and UCI World Masters Silver medallist in the individual pursuit. Hoping to wear 🌈 someday.

My Coaching Philosophy

What motivates me to be a coach? The simple answer is that I enjoy helping others to realise their potential. In my experience if you scratch beneath the surface of any human being, you'll find a huge reservoir of untapped capabilities. Our brains are amazing but the way they evolved can cause us to get in our own way, to miss opportunities and focus on the wrong things.

Finding a framework for powerful coaching questions

The focus of transformational coaching is to help our coachees achieve a shift in their thinking and behaviour. We aim to do this by asking powerful or insightful questions, seeking to raise awareness, to uncover the assumptions that are limiting their performance. How can Tomm's framework from family therapy help?

Contact Details

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