Hello, I am a highly experienced web development team leader and technical architect based in Oxford, UK. I studied philosophy to postgraduate level at the University of Oxford (philosophy of mind and cognitive science in particular) and intended to be an academic philosopher until the lure of web technology proved too hard to resist. I am a competitive cyclist riding for AeroCoach in time trials and on the track. I am Masters European Champion in the individual pursuit and the points race. I am a former UCI World Masters Silver medallist and British Masters Champion in the individual pursuit. Hoping to wear the rainbow stripes someday.

Coders Are Creatives Not Factory Workers

Writing code is a creative process. Very few employers understand this and it has a hugely negative impact on development projects and developers. We need to change this damaging misconception.

Resilient Management Book Review

The shift from developer to manager is a challenging one, requiring a completely different set of skills. Resilient management by Lara Hogan is full of ideas and tools to help team leaders whether they are new to the role or experienced.

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