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Hello, I am an experienced web development team leader and solution architect based in Oxford, UK. I studied philosophy to postgraduate level at the University of Oxford (specialising in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science) and intended to be an academic philosopher until the lure of web technology proved too hard to resist. I am currently Head of Technology at Ridgeway. I am a competitive cyclist riding for AeroCoach in time trials and on the track. I am Masters European Champion in the individual pursuit and points race, and UCI World Masters Silver medallist in the individual pursuit. I am the current British Masters 40-44 age group record holder for the individual pursuit. Hoping to wear 🌈 someday.

Why email is killing your productivity and how to fix it

Most businesses would be more productive if they did not use email for internal communication. I don't mean "used email less", I mean a total cessation. Why is email so bad? How can you work effectively without it in the "new normal" of remote working?

Goldilocks abstraction for maintainable code

Keeping code DRY is a good thing, but doing so with clever abstractions can result in complexity that reduces clarity, making the code harder to maintain. I think there is a Goldilocks zone for abstraction, just enough to avoid code duplication, but not so much as to create overly complex code that is hard to understand and reason about.

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