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C# Tuples as Syntactic Sugar for Multiple Variable Assignment

I came across an interesting pattern for using Tuples in an article by Mads Torgersen on C# 9.0. At first I thought it must be something new in 9.0, but a little digging and actually engaging my brain made me realise it has been possible since C# 7.0 and the introduction of Tuples. It isn't something I've seen anybody else use so I thought it would be worth writing about.

Lessons from the 2019 Season

Competitive sport is about pushing yourself to see what you can achieve. I set myself tough goals for 2019, and having not met them I finished the season feeling disappointed in myself. With no racing to occupy me at the moment due to Coronavirus I thought I'd reflect on the 2019 season and revaluate it with a more positive mindset.

How to continuously deploy NuGet packages with Azure DevOps and GitVersion

After getting bored with manually bumping version numbers and running PowerShell scripts to deploy NuGet packages, I started to look for resources on how to automate this process with Azure DevOps. This article provides some useful resources and a simple how to guide with a working code demo on GitHub

What's new in the Kentico Kontent Delivery .NET SDK 13.0.1

I started using the Kentico Kontent Delivery .NET SDK in March 2020 with version 12.0.3. Since then a new major version has been release, 13.0.1, which includes a host of improvements in architecture and usage, so I thought it was worth providing an overview of what's changed.

How To Render Different Output for Rich Text in Kentico Kontent using the Delivery .NET SDK

Kentico Kontent rich text data can be handled in two different ways using the Delivery .NET SDK. This article briefly outlines the types of rich text and then looks at how you can render different output.

Coders Are Creatives Not Factory Workers

Writing code is a creative process. Very few employers understand this and it has a hugely negative impact on development projects and developers. We need to change this damaging misconception.

Resilient Management Book Review

The shift from developer to manager is a challenging one, requiring a completely different set of skills. Resilient management by Lara Hogan is full of ideas and tools to help team leaders whether they are new to the role or experienced.

British Cycling Masters National Track Cycling Championships 2019 Report

I had lots of work related stress coming into this championships so I put no pressure on myself to perform. I just tried to enjoy the racing and that paid off with a new best performance in the points race.

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