Hello, I am a web technologist based in Oxford, UK. I am the Technical Director for Jaywing, a marketing company for the digital age. I studied philosophy to postgraduate level (the philosophy of mind and cognitive science in particular) and intended to be an academic philosopher until the lure of web technology proved too hard to resist. You will find information on a range of my interests here, including code, cycling, and the philosophy of cognitive science.


For quick projects I wanted a lightweight persistence solution that had no reliance on a relational database. There are options out there like RavenDB but I wanted something even quicker so I created SimpleDatastore. It uses attributes on domain entities to control persistence and stores the data in XML file and is available on NuGet.

Garmin Edge 510 Review

There are numerous reviews of the 510 but they do not really cover using it with a power meter, and an SRM in particular. Recent fireware updates have addressed the ability to stop auto zero offset and have added some really useful metrics that are incredibly useful in training.

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